Why won’t anyone do their job?

I think the 15 year olds who work in retail have one goal in life…and that’s to make me hate my very existence. I go to (name giant electronic retail chain here) to buy speakers for my car. The pre-pubescent little ass clown working in the car audio department literally looks like he just crawled out of bed and came right to work. I can still see the sleep in his eyes and the pizza stains on his shirt. I ask him for some help on finding the right size and speaker type for my pimped out chick magnet (a.k.a. 1990 Honda Accord) and you’d think I just asked him to cut off one of his testicles and hand it to me, bronzed and gift wrapped. God forbid this kid gets off his ass and does his job…no…that would be too much to ask. He tells me to go to the front customer service desk and ask them because his computer is down. Meanwhile I see another computer not 3 feet away that is working fine…I kindly point this amazing anomaly to young Einstein to which he responds with a long distinctly audible sigh and says “fine”. As he turns away and walks towards the work station, I strongly hold back my urge to dropkick this no talent, waste of life, Fall Out Boy reject.
We reach the computer and after many failed attempts at logging in, cry me a river emo boy finally logs in and looks up my car’s correct speaker dimensions and tells them to me. I thank him kindly and ask him to show me some speakers that would fit my car. If I could see his eyes under that lame ass emo haircut where all his hair is combed over to one side and covering his face, I’m sure they would say “I’m so misunderstood, and I deserve better than this crappy job and this guy and his effin’ speakers…waaa waaa waaa” So he points out some speakers and I can’t help but notice they aren’t the size the computer says will fit my car, to which he responds “don’t worry dude, I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been doing this for a long time…they’ll fit” Against my better judgment, I listen to the reject from the AFI fanclub and buy the speakers. I’m sure you know how all this works out…the speakers of course don’t fit. Now I have to go back and exchange the speakers…and I’m sure standing in line for an hour and a half to talk to another 15 year old half wit and have him/her screw up my return is just how I want to spend my afternoon. I do know what will be fun, however. Paying a visit to captain emo with half a brain is going to be fun. Because I’m going to shove my foot so far up this kids ass he’s going to be flossing with my shoe laces. This kid wants to cry about his crappy job and his misunderstood life…I’m going to give him a reason to cry. I’m not leaving until I make this kid cry…I’m gonna be on him like a fat kid on cake. He will rue the day…sorry for the rant…but I had to vent.


2 Responses to “Why won’t anyone do their job?”

  1. 2 Jeawl
    September 2, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    OK dude…..1st of all a 1990 Honda Accord is not a chick magnet. 2nd of all he is just a kid, yes he didn’t do his job very well and yes he was a pain in the ass and didn’t want to do his job or look professional, but these are things that the MANAGER & Parents should be looking after. NOT you. And 3rd……YOU are the ass to make such comments about people you don’t know. To go and try to diliberately try to cause someone else (let alone a kid) humiliation (trying to make them cry) is soooooo childish. Grow the F#$k up!

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