How did that, “HAPPEN”?

 The krock crew was out last night at the premier screening of “Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the Crystal Skull” which i was lucky enough to host.  It was my honor to introduce the cast, and meet and even if for a brief period actually talk to HARRISON FORD. I mean here he is, Indy, HAN SOLO, The president who told Gary Oldman to ” Get off my plane” in “Air force one”!. You know me, not one to name drop, UNLESS IT IS A B LIST CELEB BONANZA AS IT WAS AT THE SCREENING!. I mean there were celebs a plenty in the house, everywhere I looked!. First one spotted: Dean WInters ( Ryan Oreilly from “OZ”), Half of SNL Seth Myers, Rachael Dratch, Will from “Will and Grace” (who seemed nice and polite),  but the one who seemed to always be in my view whenever I looked was  Adam Duritz of Counting Crows,…ok not really my thing his band but what the heck Ive gotta respect the guy, he is a bonafide rock star……….. I wonder who he’s with?……..So while I’, waiting to go introduce the cast on stage, I was just kind of milling around out in the hall by the candy stand, where Adam Duritz was waiting in line for some ju ju bees or something. Then before I knew it this willow, sultry, amazing, super model runs up to him and grabs his arm…. NO WAY I thought!. Upon closer look, past the stiletto heels and the white trench coat, she was; IVANKA TRUMP!. Hot does not even begin to describe, I mean she is STUNNING in person and here she was with this wanna be, poseur beat nick,…….  How did that HAPPEN? and how does THAT guy pull that sort of magic trick off, over and over again?.  Has he made some unholy bargain with SATAN himself?……….. I think the answer is probably  a lot simpler than that: Dude, I gotta get in  a band, obviously even a crap band will do!.




2 Responses to “How did that, “HAPPEN”?”

  1. 1 Cat
    June 2, 2008 at 4:40 pm

    It happens because women look beyond the physical. Hello Look at Ant and Jill! Smart hot chicks don’t date hot guys, silly. Date a regualar guy and sleep well at night, he’s not stupid enough to step out on you, he knows you will leave his ass. So I’ve heard;)

  2. 2 Cat
    June 2, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    Hello it happens because women look beyond the physical, we are the smarter sex. Smart hot chicks don’t date hot guys. Exhibit A) Anthony and Jill. Date a regular guy and sleep well at night knowing he is not stupid enough to step out on you or you’ll dump his ass. So I’ve heard;)

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