So I didn’t think I’d be writing about Madonna on my K-rock blog, but check this out!

She did a gig at the weekend in Maidstone. That’s in Kent, in the UK, you don’t ever need to go. In fact to get there Madonna was flown in by hellicopter, even though her London house is only around 30 miles away. Believe me, if you had to play in Maidstone, you’d do the same, just to know you could exit quickly after the show to get the hell out of Kent.

Anyway, check out this footage of her rocking some Pantera on the guitar! It’s about 6 mins in if you wanna skip the rest……..


Of course none of the UK press have picked up on this. They just made a big thing out of the fact there was live TV coverage and apparently Madonna told the director there were to be no close ups if she started to sweat! But then most people in the UK have no idea who Pantera are, let alone would recognise a random riff in the middle of a Madonna show. Just another reason on my ever expanding list as to why America is much better!


2 Responses to “Madonna”

  1. 1 melissa
    May 14, 2008 at 4:05 pm

    Ian, thanks for the link! I am a huge fan of metal AND Madonna! I’m glad you like the USA more! We are lucky to have you!!!!! Keep on ROCKIN!!!

  2. 2 Lee Price
    June 13, 2008 at 5:37 pm

    Hi Ian.

    Good blog, and the Maidstone/Kent story here made me chuckle.

    (But please try not to diss Kent again if you can help it – it’s not ALL bad!!)

    Hope all’s great for you in NYC.


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