so, i officially don’t suck anymore!

i finally made it into the 2000’s, since i finally bought myself a new gaming system.  i purchased a sparkly new xbox 360 this weekend, and i promptly learned several things.

1.  im officially old.  i went on xbox live and got my ass handed to me by a bunch of pre-pubescent freaks from cananda.  apparently, my fast twitch muscles and reaction time have decayed slightly. 

also, enough with the damn sniper rifle!

2.  my tv sucks.  seriously.  now i gotta go out and buy a 2 grand tv to make my video games looks better?!?!?

wait, thats a problem?

3.  video games look better then real life.  when the hell did this happen?!?!? when i loaded up oblivion, my jaw hit the ground.  it’s almost like game developers are taunting us. 

“hahahah! real life will never look as good! don’t go outside! plus, real women will never pay this much attention to you!  in the game, the AI HAS to talk to you.  give up on a social life, bud.”

4.  you should make me your friend.  xbox live name is radioschwenker.  do it.  cause i said so.


1 Response to “so, i officially don’t suck anymore!”

  1. 1 Biren Patel
    June 1, 2008 at 1:30 am

    LMAO don’t worry i know the feeling. when i loaded up gears a couple of months ago, i got murdered by some stuck up 10 yr old British brat but i must admit, it was hilarious.

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