Metal Gods…..

Well what a week of Metal it’s been! Yesterday on the show Judas Priest dropped in. You can check out that interview elsewhere on this site. I am beyond excited about their new CD – a double album based on the life of Nostradamus! Lesser bands could have turned this into something as ridiculous as Break Like The Wind by Spinal Tap (does anyone remember that?!!!!! – I recall the song Majesty Of Rock being quite good!), but not Priest. What you’ll hear in mid June (when the CD is released) is great.

And I just want to give some respect to Ministry who I saw at The Filmore last Thurs. They have always been one of my favourite live bands, even though they scare me! Seeing Ministry is like being in someone’s nightmare for two hours! Anyway, I quite enjoy the whole terrifying experience each time I go and Ministry are done after this tour, so Thursday was the last time I was gonna be trapped in that nightmare! Al Jourgensen and co were fantastic. It was good to see Buton from Fear Factory join them for metal renditions of Just Got Paid and Under My Thumb and even though on this last tour there was no Jesus Built My Hotrod it didn’t seem to matter. Although I was a little disappointed there was no Filth Pig.

So Ministry have done their last NY show. Unless of course Al changes his mind and they go out for a reunion tour in ten years time. By then he’ll be nearly 60 and I’ll be nearly 40. I’m sure I’ll still be scared though.


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