March Bracket Brawl Recap

It’s been a while between blogs, but somebody had to count every single bracket that was submitted.

Before I give the recap I just wanted to give a heads up on how I did. If you followed my expert advice you would have done miserable just like me. I didn’t even get a single final 4 right!!!! My magical match of AC/DC Vs. AC/DC was destroyed in the 2nd round, and did you hear about Tom Petty. UGH!

The second round had some classic battles. Soundgarden took down Sublime for all of the Alice in Chains fans. Incubus took out System of a down. Hagar fans struck one last time by helping The Rolling Stones take out Van Halen (Roth). Tool beat down Greenday. And of course, Jimi Hendrix BARELY beat out AC/DC (Bon SCOTT).

Semi’s just made it that more intense. Pearl Jam just edged out the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Foo Fighters (who were a number one seed) struggled against Incubus, but won in the end by 4% of the votes. Tool slid by Linkin Park. And Led Zeppelin FINALLY took out Pink Floyd.

The road to the last 4, Zeppelin Vs. Jimi, Metallica Vs. G N’ R, Pearl Jam Vs. Nirvana, Tool Vs. Foo Fighters. Looking at these matches how is anyone supposed to choose who is better. Well, people did. Led Zeppelin had a pretty easy time against Jimi Hendrix. Metallica found a way to take out Guns N’ Roses. Pearl Jam stole it from Nirvana by less then 2%. And for the biggest upset of all, Tool demolished Foo Fighters by the biggest margin in the final few rounds.

Led Zeppelin (60’s, 70’s) take on Metallica (80’s). Pearl Jam (90’s) against Tool (Now). Led Zeppelin started showing their age, and when Metallica came on (as my boy CT put it) “they were rockin’ harder then they’ve ever rocked before”. Metallica put a stomping on Led Zeppelin. Tool had been the sleeper of the brackets. They were wiping the floor with everyone they went against and all they needed to do was get past the boys in Pear Jam. Eddie Vedder waved his hand at Tool like Patrick Ewing and said “Not in my house”. It was another close battle and Pearl Jam came out on top with less then 2% of the votes.

Final round. Metallica. Pearl Jam. PURE CRAZINESS.

Metallica has cruised by every round. The toughest match was against Guns N’ Roses who they took out with over 56% of the votes. Pearl Jam on the other hand gave the biggest beat down in March Bracket Brawl history by taking out Beck with over 94% of the votes. They seemed to take out STP pretty easily, but after that they took on The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, and Tool. The average win total between those three victories was 51.6%. The final round came down to a coin flip. Somehow the coin wound up on its rim and we had to go to overtime. After hearing both bands rock one last time we found ourselves a champion. With less then a 1% difference in votes METALLICA are the winners.


Winner of March Bracket Brawl – Metallica

60’s and 70’s Bracket – Led Zepplin
80’s Bracket – Metallica
90’s Bracket – Pearl Jam
Now Bracket – Tool

Biggest Beat Down – Pearl Jam 94.1% over Beck 5.9%

Closest Match – Offspring 50.4% over Bush 49.6%

Biggest Upset – Sublime over Alice in Chains

Biggest Sleeper – Tool (made it to the last 4)

Cheated the Most – Van Hagar Fans

Who Needed to Cheat More – Tom Petty


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