Find me a better album title!

I was walking to work this morning when I saw a poster that made me laugh out loud. OBESE rapper Fat Joe’s new CD is entitled: “The Elephant in the room”.LMAO!!! Now, you dont have to even be a hip hop fan to realize that’s funny, and somewhat ballsy on his part. WORD That is all, End Transmission fat-joe.jpeg


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  1. 1 Denise Perrault
    April 2, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    Hey, Nik–
    This is off your topic, but I thought you’d want to know–Lobey was just let go from WBZ–I guess there was a huge layoff, and the new GM, Ed Piette, was not pleased with what he thought were large contracts.
    Joyce Kulhawick, yes, the three-time cancer survivor, is also being let go…
    It’s the end of an era–the Godfather of Boston sports will no longer be at the helm.
    I am so bummed. First, the fabulous N-I-K leaves, now this.
    Take care–you should give him a call.
    Your pal,
    Denise Perrault

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