The wonderful world of Disney…the home of ‘line rage’

“You ain’t pushing in no line” 

I used to have a scam to get around lines in the theme park in Sydney, Australia.

Once we got stuck on the ‘Pirate ship’ which went upside down..and yes you could imagine all the people spewing on it after eating.

Anyway, the time we got stuck they gave us this pissy little photocopy voucher which we could use on any ride. It allowed us to enter the ride via the exit and get straight on.

So me being the conniving 15yo I was……. took the voucher to school, white outed the dates and signature…you know the important stuff. Photocopied it 100 times and needless to say; NEVER WAITED IN LINE AGAIN!!!

The follow up to this story is that 5 years later the park went bankrupt and closed down. HA.

Maybe it was because of me? We shall never know…….



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