What a great seven days for shows! I was at Taste Of Chaos last night. I missed the opening bands, which was annoying cos I’ve seen Bullet and Atreyu loads in the UK and they’re always awesome. However Avenged were really good. They haven’t done a show that big whenever I saw them back home, and they were telling me afterwards that the venue didn’t actually allow their full pyro display, but what they did have worked really well. It’s so great to see a band who wanted to get big so they could put on a good live show and have as much going on as possible. Be sure to catch them when they come back around.

And last Friday – Maiden at Meadowlands!!!! Their current tour is an 80s Greatest Hits set, more or less. And again although the stage show was really good, it’s not the full thing they’re returning with in June! Keep listening to K-Rock cos we’re going to be doing some exciting things around these shows.

I love the fact there’s so much metal to be had in NY. It makes me feel very at home!


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  1. 1 liz
    March 21, 2008 at 11:52 pm

    ian you’re so hot!!!!!!

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