The mounds of “THE HILLS’

Hey you know that “reality” show that is not really a reality show because, well, there’s a SCRIPT, making it just a show, show?……Yeah they call it “the Hills” where one spoiled, and nowhere near interesting rich girl lives out her dreams of living in the big city?. Well her hot but painfully dumb friend Audrina on the show was so desperate for fame BEFORE the show she thought she was going to be in Playboy and took a bunch of pix. Playboy passed but that doesn’t mean the pix went away!. Check em out here: http://www.wwtdd.com6380-audrinapatridge-schoolgirl-topless2.jpgThis girl is hot, if you’ve ever suffered through even a moment of the sow you also know that she’s dumb as a box of hammers but……. That is all, END TRANSMISSION! 


1 Response to “The mounds of “THE HILLS’”

  1. 1 lee
    March 29, 2008 at 8:24 am

    i knew audrina was a porn star. spencer her boyfriend or whatever looks like a porn star too. i hate the hills too..and stop giving the show publicity nik lol

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