Recap of the first round…

Sigh of relief… If you did not hear, there was a bomb scare right across the street from our building. Everyone was a little nervous and didn’t know where it came from. In the end it was just some random person’s briefcase and not a package left by Hagar fans.


The first round is over and so is the chance to win a huge TV for some of you. I myself am a little worried after some of my sleepers overslept and screwed me, but I’m still optimistic. That’s why they call me Optimist Prime!!! BAM!!!

Below is a ranking of how hard you ROCK.

32 Correct – (Perfect Score) – You have taken courses at the school of Van Hagar and passed with a 4.0. (Some people should take a hint, if you’re gonna cheat don’t get caught)

28-31 Correct – You either failed the final test in the school of Hagar and it bit you in the bum or you do nothing with your life except listen to K-ROCK. Either way the TV is still in your grasp

21-27 Correct – If only you could have taught your grandparents how to text on their cell phone. You went with Alice in Chains over Sublime, Bush over Offspring, Black Sabbath over Aerosmith, Smashing Pumpkins over Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails over Stone Temple Pilots. It was a coin flip every time and you stuck with tails. If you examined closely you’d see that Hagar struck again, heads was on both sides! UGH!

13-20 Correct – In the back of your head you can picture the huge 73” TV sitting on the bedroom floor. There is no room to move (or for your dresser which is now in your garage). But you are a die hard fan. You’ve loved Nickleback since the day you thought Chad Kroeger was speaking to you when he said “Look at this Photograph”. You felt the need to tear when Live’s front-man spoke about dolphin’s crying. Looking back to your high-school days you remember that Beck’s song “Loser” was your anthem. So even though you know that these bands probably have no chance in winning you choose them anyway. What a good sport. Thanks for playing, have a nice day.

2-12 Correct – I have no idea what you were thinking. Did you cheat off of a Def Leppard? I take it back. There is a chance that you were just over thinking things. Well, you over thought a lot. Next time I suggest picking names from a hat.

1 Correct – Please sign up for the School of Van Hagar. They should be able to teach you a thing or two. I’ve heard that there is a new school that is open for half the price. It’s called “The School of Gary Cherone”. The rates aren’t bad, so it doesn’t hurt to check out.

0 Correct – Here is were you find all of the fans of Beck and Tom Petty. We appreciate you playing the game, thanks for the frustration and thanks for getting blown out!


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