I hate all the DJ’s here

OK, not all of them, but one. And I’m not sure which one. I was looking at the various blogs posted and came across a Lost spoiler. You can’t post that without a warning!!! What sort of mean awful idiot are you? Half the people out there don’t watch TV shows on time and now you’ve gone and told us who died in a recent episode. I am in denial, pretending that I DIDN’T see it. To the extent that I won’t look at the blogs again to see who posted it so I can trip them in the hall. WARNING…if YOU don’t want to know who was killed off…Don’t go looking through the blogs!


1 Response to “I hate all the DJ’s here”

  1. 1 nikcarter
    March 20, 2008 at 11:03 pm

    Speaking as the HHATED one, allow me to say this, about that; TRUE FANS OF THE SHOW WATCH IT ON THURSDAYS WHEN IT AIRS<……..oh and while Im at it, in “the crying game”, that cute chick is really a dude, and in “the sixth sense” Bruce Willis can help dead people because he IS one of them. That’s it Im going back to posting pics of famous girls showing their boobs in my blog entries!

    That si all End Transmission

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