Talk about “HeartBreakers”!!!

I walked in the office today sporting my green jersey and hat in celebration of St. Patty’s day. I forgot about last week and how I missed a few big games (Aersomith over Black Sabbath, Rage over Smashing Pumpkins and Def Leppard over Billy Idol). The matches that I lost were extremely close (excluding Billy Idol) so I’m not so furious, not to mention none of those bands were going too far in my bracket. Back to today. AC/DC and U2 huge winners. Nice way to start things off. Now I have a 3 hour break before the match of the day “Pink Floyd” vs. “Tom Petty”.

Don’t get me wrong. I knew (thanks Joe) that walking in to today Floyd has an advantage, but let’s go through some recent stats on these two bands.

Tom Petty –
• Born 1950 in Gainesville, Florida. – (-1)
• He sings, plays guitar, bass, drums, piano and the HARMONICA. – (+ 3)
• Has a Hollywood walk of Fame Star – (+7)
• Has had Kim Basinger star in a video – (+5)
• Worked with Rick Rubin (all rock fans know he is the man) – (+5)
• He looks like one of the Muppets – (-10)
• He ROCKED OUT at the Super Bowl – (+20)

Tom Petty


Pink Floyd
• Started in 1964 – (+2)
• They come from England – (-5) (No offense Ian)
• Their music makes Librarians seem edgy and cool – (-15)
• They did a lot of drugs – (+40)

So going into this epic battle the numbers seemed to be close on paper.

From the get go it looks like SOMEBODY forgot to show up. His name… Tom Petty. WHERE THE HELL WERE YOU DUDE. Did you forget what time tip-off was today? DUDE!!! You’ve had over a week to prepare for this!!! COME ON!!! You were my sleeper, and by sleeper I didn’t mean one who sleeps. GOSH DARNIT!!! You were supposed to take down Led Zeppelin. You didn’t even bother showing up for Floyd. I guess you had a rough day yesterday. You knew you couldn’t party for St. Patty’s day so you got drunk and did some research on your opponent. I’m assuming halfway through researching the song “Money” you started snoozing and never recovered. How sad. I guess Floyd knows what they are doing. Take an opponent out before the game even begins.

  • Winner – Pink Floyd

-Pete in Promotions



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