90’s Bracket

This is by far my favorite bracket. There are so many huge matches in the first round… “The prices are INSANE” (thanks Crazy Eddie). Seriously, Nine Inch Nails against Stone Temple Pilots, Alice in Chains Vs Sublime, Smashing Pumpkins knocking heads with Rage Against The Machine. SHEESH! These are all great bands in my eyes and there is no clear cut winner.

Top Rated Match – Smashing Pumpkins Vs Rage Against The Machine

Looking at these bands you think there is a clear mismatch. Frontman Billy Corgan stands at 6’3 while Zach De La Rocha is about 5’11. Also, another thing the Pumpkins seem to be sporting besides height is girl power. BAM, right there it should be over. But don’t forget Tom Morello. The guy is ranked #26 guitarist of all time. So get ready to bang some heads for this historical match.

Prediction – Billy Corgan of the Pumpkins is a defensive champ. His height is a huge advantage, and he continues to throw it in Rage’s face. You have “ZERO” chance of winning this one, chump. Despite all Billy’s rage, Zach and crew keep the score close enough going into halftime. Zach convinces his team to “Wake Up” and start playing dirty. If need be, the team should start “Killing In The Name” of Ozzy Osbourne. Tom Morello takes the hint and pulls out his special weapon, the Digital Whammy. This weapon triggers all types of craziness, as bulls on parade and guerillas from radios storm into the arena. Chaos ensues, until from the rafters James friggin’ Iha flies in while “Bullets With Butterfly Wings” float over his head. One by one he “Disarms” Rage Against The Machines weapons. During this brawl no one seems to pay attention to Darcy of Smashing Pumpkins as she sinks shot after shot of Southern Comfort. Seeing that the time is running out Billy picks Darcy up and makes her sink the final bucket. WTF just happened???

  • Winner – Smashing Pumpkins
  • Favorite in the 90’s – Nirvana
  • Sleeper Sublime (Something tells me that they are going to go very far in this contest.)
  • Most likely to not get out of the first round alive (well, definitely not the lead singer)– (Tie) Alice In Chains/Sublime
  • Most likely to lose because they don’t have a full SquadOasis (I guarantee that one of the Gallagher brothers will not show up for one reason or another)

If we did a one hit wonder match – Blur (“Song 2”) defeats Hum (“Stars”)

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– Pete in Promotions


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