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March Bracket Brawl

The time has finally come. We will finally have a true champion who will be able to raise the trophy and say, “we are the #1 Rock Band”, for March of ’08 at least.

Going through the brackets I see some amazing matches in the first rounds as well as potential matches. Blood, Sweat, no “Tears for Fears”, but plenty of Hair will be rocked this month. For all rock fans, be ready to put your Rock Horns up and enjoy the ride.


Yes, a lot of these people are dead or closer to their 70’s, but I guarantee they are rocking the grave or potential grave.

Top Rated Match

Aerosmith Vs Black Sabbath

Aerosmith is the favorite before tip off, but I can’t imagine this being a blowout by any means. Steven Tyler may have a mouth that can swallow up the entire east-coast, but in the midst of him singing “Dude looks like a Lady” the dude should be looking at what is coming from below. Between Tony Iommi’s nasty left handed riffs to Ozzy biting off the heads of bats, birds and any ref that gives him a foul, Aerosmith doesn’t seem to have enough in the tank to come out on top.

Prediction- Joe Perry makes a late run sinking solo after solo and surprising the audience with a new flavor of “Joe Perry’s Rock Your World Hot Sauce”. Ozzy mistake’s Joe Perry’s head as a nacho and slam dunks the game winning basket.

  • Winner – Black Sabbath

Favorite in 70’s Bracket– Led Zeppelin

Sleeper Pick – After rocking the Super Bowl halftime show, Tom Petty has the momentum to do what the Giants did and bring down the big dogs. Can he take out Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin? I wouldn’t be shocked if Petty found his way in the Final 4.

Favorite to get by the 1st round with out breaking a bone –
AC/DC (Bon Scott)


I feel these bands have worked the hardest to get where they are in this bracket. The hours of preparation gone into making sure they were in the top 16. Now I understand and I know that a lot of people would like an asterisk next to a few of these bands, but in all honesty “Hair Spray” and “Makeup” was not made illegal to the game until early 90’s. So, I think for those of you who are judging these bands, get passed the fact that you are jealous over their looks and focus in on their lyrics. Look at songs like “Pour Some Sugar on Me”, “Girls, Girls, Girls” (both the Beastie Boys and Motley Crue), and “Talk Dirty To Me”…. Wait a sec, is it true? It is. Poison seems like the first band to be snubbed by the Selection Committee. I guess Bret Michaels has to get back to working on his music rather then working on his love life.

Top Rated Match

Def Leppard Vs Billy Idol

Def Leppard starts off with a slight edge because Billy Idol has to take on these animals by himself, but don’t think that’s gonna stop Billy from keeping it close. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry behind Def Leppard is pretty impressive and they can totally run the table on this guy, but on the other hand, he still makes rocking a leather jacket look cool. So this is definitely a tougher match then it looks.

Prediction- Tip-Off. Def Leppard throws down catchy chorus after catchy chorus and by half-time it looks like they are “Bringin on the Heartbreak” to Billy Idol and his fans. Second Half seems to be a different story though, Def Leppard isn’t “Foolin” Billy Idol that easy. He walks in with freshly bleached hair and like a rebel he yells as he steps on the court. He begins to feel the music, throws on his leather jacket, and starts putting on the craziest show of a lifetime where it looks like he’s just dancing with himself. DAMN, he’s good. With seconds left Billy Idol sinks a free throw to put him up by one due to a bad call by the referee. Supposedly a “Four Letter Word” was attempted by Def Leppard in 2002 and they were given a technical foul (but no one has any recollection of this ever happening). Final shot is up and no good. Def Leppard losses by an arm.

  • Winner – Billy Idol

Favorite in 80’s Bracket – Metallica

Sleeper Pick – Bon Jovi (True, they are a higher seed so that doesn’t make them a sleeper. Due to being a home team though, I feel they have a chance to go far in this contest.)

Whose mascara will be run the most – Twisted Sister (Dee Snider is an animal and has potential to take down U2. Regardless of what happens in the tournament, someone has to give him some tips on the makeup. TOO MUCH!!!)

The band with the most sex videos – Motley Crue

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