Royal Pain

WHAT DID I TELL YOU?!! Prince Harry, who was deployed in Afghanistan (see previous NIk blog) has been pulled out of there where he was on the front lines fighting terrorists, fighting the fricken Taliban, nope not anymore: MATT DRUDGE gave out everything but the kid’s latitude and longitude, thus putting him and his brothers in arms in even greater harm in which they were to begin with fighting on the front  lines. So now he has been pulled out of active duty for fear that he would draw undue aggression from the Taliban. The kid volunteered to go into harms way and because of  the selfish desire for the all powerful “Scoop”,  on the part of THE MEDIA, he now has to finish out his active duty riding a desk.  Drudge sucks, period.  That is all, END TRANSMISSION!


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  1. 1 Kenny
    March 7, 2008 at 3:44 am

    The other day you said that you were not “just some liberal joe,” but you totally are. Hey, I think it sucks that the Drudge Report blew Henry’s cover but who gives a shit? What makes him any more special than the other soldiers out there!?! You apparently think he is. It is funny how you don’t have a problem sticking up for a British Soldier…. Not once have I heard you mention anything positive for the US troops. Why don’t you stick up for them? Let me guess, you are a war protester. I’ve been listening to K-Rock every day since it has come back on. Never have I heard you support our troops. And that sucks.

  2. 2 nikcarter
    March 9, 2008 at 4:41 am

    WHOA WHOA WHOA! “Kenny”, Dude, your argument is so preposterous and stupid that Im barely able to write a logical response to it. Nor would you even understand one if I did but here goes anyway. For starters Im not “Johnny liberal”, but with over 70 percent of the country ( that means republicans and democrats both) against the war in Iraq obviously you dont have to be a “liberal” to feel that way, not that you would care because the truth would get in the way of your absurd argument. What makes him any more special than any other soldier there? well, that’s the point, he’s not, even though he’s a millionaire, and royalty, he was trying to do what he felt was his duty and Drudge made it impossible for him to do that. What you’re still confused?……The point you seem to be missing is that DRUDGE THINKS THAT PRINCE HARRY IS MORE SPECIAL THAN THE OTHER TROOPS WHICH IS WHY HE PRINTED THIS INFORMATION, WHAT PART OF THAT DONT YOU GET?……You’re still confused?…….. are you serious?, let’s see HE’S THE FUTURE KING OF ENGLAND!!! YOU DONT THINK THAT WOULD MAKE HIM (AND ANYONE IN HIS UNIT) JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE OF A TARGET TO THE TALIBAN?…OF COURSE IT DOES, and I actually was saying that Drudge put THE ENTIRE UNIT IN PERIL NOT JUST HARRY, (that means he endangered “the troops”, understand?) Clean the wax out of your ears or learn to read!.Uhh of course I support the troops, Ill say it again for the cheap seats: I SUPPORT THE TROOPS!, but this is not about “the troops” this was about Drudge who did something stupid, and in my opinion something wrong when others in the media respected the information, he didn’t. How is THAT supporting the troops? by putting them in harms way? I called him on it, so maybe you should be on HIS blog bitching about what he did, instead of trying to say something about me that is not true, and doesn’t even have anything to do with the subject being discussed, you jumped to a conclusion that does not even make sense. YOu say you’ve never heard me say anything positive about “the troops”?.. You’ve never heard me say anything negative about the troops, ever.ln fact Kenny that’s because I’m on a rock station, I dont really ever talk about the war at all because CNN will do a much better job of that than I ever could. I have so many friends serving over there, MARINES, army infantry, etc. who listen to me on Krock online (crazy I know, some don’t have hot water to shoer in but they have broadband internet in the middle of the desert…..lol) who would throw you an insane beat down for even suggesting that I dont support the troops.

    Dude, get a clue, your comment reads like one of the pin heads on Fox news wrote it for you. Think for yourself,………. Hell, just think period.

    That is all, End TRANSMISSION

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