Too funny. Prank Calls

Yeah I’ve gotta admit I was the king of prank phone calls in my teenage years.

Calling old ladies telling them their gardens needed attention because I was a concerned neighbor who was entering the street in a ‘Best Garden’s Competition’. “get out there and weed that lawn!”

But the funniest was when we would call someone and record the conversation of us just talking crap. Then on my computer I would chop out all my words and just leave gaps of silence. We’d then call someone else and play that audio to them. So the person would be having a conversation with a computer. So funny. “You called me” “NO YOU CALLED ME” “What do you want??!!!” “I’m calling the cops!!”

C’MON every kid’s done it!!!

Maybe I stepped over the line when I spray painted the outline of a body on our street complete with a knife, like they do at crime scenes. AHAHAH it was the funniest thing the next day seeing all the neighbors gather wondering what happened in their quite little street the night before hahaaha.

Look at this crazy woman in the UK.

I would NEVER do anything like this!!!!



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