Clemens, YA BUM!!!!!!!

The FBI has begun investigating whether Roger Clemens lied to Congress when he denied taking steroids, officials said today, according to the Associated Press. AS much as Clemens annoys me and as much as I hoped they would go after him as they went after Barry Bonds for the same thing, when you really think about it, with the economy a mess, the country at war in two countries, should congress really be concerned with whether an arrogant hick stuck a needle in his arse to enhance his playing of a child’s game?. I mean Clemens is a piece of s*** no question, for a myriad of reasons INCLUDING but not limited to steroid use but congress has spent more time on the steroid issue than it did debating whether or not we should go to war with Iraq, THE F’ing WAR!.

Clemens has been implicated by his trainer, his team mate, he stood in front of congress and  basically tried to claim that while he did indeed procure human growth hormone it was for his WIFE. Dude, you stood behind your wife’s skirt like a complete BITCH when you got called on your BS?. You went on “60 minutes” after your name was in the Mitchell report some 89 times and said essentially that everyone is lying but you?.

F Clemens, if you’re still a fan you are a pin head!

That is all, End Transmission!.



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