Lo Lo is a no no!!!

 I was joking with intern Abel today about how the Internet essentially shut down when the Lindsay Lohan “nudes” came out,  everyone wanted to snatch (hee hee) a sneak peak without having to pay for New York mag ( I have a subscription which means it shows up days after it hits the newsstands like every other ma you subscribe to). IF you have not scene them they’re “arty” as Lindsay re creates Ms. Monroe’s last photo shoot, you know when she was probably all dazed on a baker’s dozens worth of apothecary wares. Here’s the thing, Lindsay has been through how many rehabs for substances?  and if you didn’t know that drugs age you, look at some of Lo lo’s photos,…At 21 in some shots she looks like Sarah Jessica Parker who is 40 something?………… aaaaaaah, NAH, Drugs, I think Im all set!.  That is all, END TRANSMISSION! 


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