Tom Jones Chest hair

tom-jones.jpegIn the continuing, spiraling descent into madness that is Western pop culture, a report surfaced last week that 60’s phenom, and current schmmaltz king, Tom Jones, yeah that Tom Jones, the one that your mom may have thrown her panties at when she was your age, was having his chest hair insured in the uk for 3.5 million pounds which equals several million dollars in American legal tender. Commenting on his web site a statement from Tom reads as follows: “The story published in the Daily Mirror (UK) on Feb 5 is completely fabricated. No such insurance policy exists or has ever been considered.  We assume this is just the Mirror having a bit of fun and hope no one takes this kind of ‘reporting’ seriously.” While this is a relief to many, myself included, as I will sleep much more soundly and securely tonight, I think the better question might be: WHO THE F%$%#^$%#^%& in 2008 is so bored that they’re surfing Tom Jone’s web site?  That is all, END TRANSMISSION! 


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