“Lost”, Yeah no kiddin’!!!!

So “lost” premieres tonight but like every season the night before they had the big two hour recap of the “what the F&$%#^@*#&)”?? story lines from the season prior. Last night came complete with a “pop up video” like subtitled, semi pithy,  quasi narration. You know when they actually take time to explain it to you complete with inside clues like ” this storyline is a nod to Han Solo saving the day in  Star Wars, which the writers are all fans of” etc, you really actually SEE how convoluted the storyline really is. I swear since season two I just feel like they’re making it up as they go along!. I actually auditioned to be the voice of “Hurley” in the new “Lost” Video game for all the gaming platforms, I didn’t get the part. I probably blew it when I asked if the game would be as convoluted and nonsensical as the series. “dewd, Im just expressing what I think” That is all, End transmission! 


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