Man, the “STARS” really DO live in L.A!!!

So I went to Los Angeles for the weekend, for I don’t know some SUN and of course it was like 40 degrees there (another story for another time). Anyone who truly knows me is aware that I am like “Zelig” or “Forrest Gump” when it comes to celebs. IM always popping up where they are, not the hot spots of the world or anything but just random encounters with them as they glide among us on our plane of existence. best of all it’s almost always the “B” list celebs, I mean “B” list AT BEST.

Take this weekend for example, I’m in LA (where the celebs come from), Saturday night I went out for drinks with friends at the world famous Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel, which is of course in BEVERLY HILLS. A local watering hole that is famous enough but not so much the tourist spot, it’s got that old school Hollywood vibe like the rat pack would be holding court in the corner. We sat at the table close to the door because I had read in Maxim that Benji Madden and Nicole Richie had gotten into a fight there with Heidi and Spencer from “The Hills” a few weeks prior, oh yeah B list bonanza!.

First “celeb” spotted: “A.C”……Al Cowlings!. Remember the slow speed chase on the freeway?,… AC at the wheel, OJ in the back with the gun to his head?…..yeah THAT GUY. There he was strutting through the bar, on his way to the valet. I said “Lemme guess; WHITE BRONCO”?…nothin’ not even a smirk, no high five, nothin’. Ok jokes are out.

Next up, walking in with two blondes in tow, ROB LOWE, who has not changed a bit since the 80’s. Im as straight as it comes, Im a woman fan but I will say this freely; ROB LOWE IS A RIDICULOUSLY HANDSOME MAN!. Put a wig on him and he’s a chick, A HOT CHICK AT THAT.

I thought “well that’s it, nothing is topping Rob Lowe and AC”…. until…….nearing midnight, an entourage files in, a rather young and somwhat ugly girl, followed by a few middle aged men in tuxes, followed by,..WAIT FOR IT, WAIT FOR IT……. Yes, porn icon, “THE HEDGEHOG”, RON JEREMY shuffles into the bar!. JACKPOT!, YAHTZEE!!!. He walks right by me, I nod in acknowledgement that the king is in the house, he shoots back with “Hey buddy” accompanied by the finger pointing, a greeting preferred by cheeseballs the world over. How could I be happier?.


Sunday afternoon at the airport, Im convinced that Francis Ford Coppola was behind me in the newsstand, nowhere near the thrill of the Hedgehog in my face but he gets props, I mean the guy made Godfather’s 1 and 2!. I recall even from behind me his breath was brutally bad. It’s cool though, he purchased a pack of Dentyne Ice so all was well.

That is all, End Transmission.


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