While the rest of the world obsesses over whether or not he meant to kill himself, it never ceases to amaze me the way the media (papers mostly) paint a celebs death as such a “TRAGEDY” or words to that effect. While it is as is the loss of any human life, somehow we think it’s more “tragic” if the deceased was young, attractive and, rich and famous. That I think is sad.having said that I will offer my one Heath Ledger story. I didn’t know him, met him only once but saw him often, mostly walking around the village. One day over the summer I was walking my dog Lola down 6th avenue, Heath was walking along in the opposite direction, all by himself, just wearing sunglasses, and the typical quasi hipster downtown apparrel, white V neck Tshirt, some sort of hipster pants. Anyway as he passed me he sort of stepped on one of Lola’s paws, she yelped, and before I could even yell at him he put his hand on my shoulder and said ” aw sorry mate, he ok”?.  Seeing as she was ok and never one to miss an opportunity to be a smart ass, I said “Yes Father Alex, she will live” (Father Alex the name of the character of the Priest he played in the horror bomb “The Order”) He kind of looked at me funny, trying to figure if I was being a jerk or not. I then said ” HEY F Roger Ebert, I loved it”….. He cracked up, gave me a huge smile, sort of waved at Lola who’s tail was wagging like a demented fur covered windmill,  turned and went his way down 6th ave. Right then I could tell he was probably a really decent guy. Rest well “Father Alex”


That is all,




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