Seriously, the dude from that show “Sliders”?

seriously, the dude from that show “Sliders”?

first off, i loved that show.

secondly, the dude’s name is jerry o’connell. the main guy, not the guy who went on to play the dwarf in lord of the rings. excuse me, vertically challenged, hairy axe-wielding person.

thirdly, whats he been up to? well, he married rebecca romijn. NOT the lettuce conglomerate heir, but model/ex-wife of john stamos/actrress who plays mystique in x-men movies. dude, score.

fourthly, i didnt think he was very funny. and i was damn wrong. i dont know if you’ve seen it, but this is a video he did, a parody of the tom cruise scientology freak-yer-ass-out interview he did. and it’s comic genius. seriously.

..the parody video Tom Cruise WANTS you to see! on FunnyOrDie.com..yup!


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